Der KDS 550 innova

Hier einige Infos und Bilder von meinem Lieblingsheli 🙂

  • High strength aluminum parts with sand blasting anodising procedure features elegant appearance.
  • Brand new flybarless main rotor head. The configuration of main rotor holder and the holder arm is disconnect-type. Easy to assemble or disassemble them and change the rotor head to flybar version.
  • Upper motor mount design which is good for heat dissipation.
  • Simple and effective tail boom stiffener design.
  • Three-ply main shaft mount enable main shaft to work more smoothly.
  • Helicopter frame with front and rear strengthening aluminum plate enhances the strength of frame.
  • 3K carbon fiber helicopter body features simple construction and high strength.
  • High compatibility of parts among KDS INNVOA helicopters series.
  • Comes with high quality handmade painting fiber canopy.
  • Length: 1120mm
  • Height: 365mm
  • Main Rotor: 550mm
  • Tail Blade: 95mm
  • Motor Pinion: 14T
  • Main Gear: 150T
  • Tail Drive gear: 42T
  • Tail Gear: 9T
  • Gear Ratio: 10.7 : 1: 4.6
  • Weight (w/o power): 1650g
Technische Daten:* Länge:ca. 1120mm

* Breite (ohne Rotor):ca.180mm

* Höhe: ca.366 mm

* gesamt Hauptrotordurchmesser: ca.1250mm

* Heckrotordurchmesser: 255mm

* Motorritzel: 14 T

* Hauptzahnrad: 150 Zähne

* Riemenrad: 42T

* Heckzahnrad: 24 Zähne

* Übersetzung: 10,7:1:4,6

* Servo: N680 x 3, N690 x 1

* BEC: 8A . 7,4V

* Hauptrotorblätter: 550mm

* Heckrotorblätter:  95mm

* Leergewicht: ca. 1650g

* Fluggewicht: ca. 3000g